Sweaty salutations, from the Sunday Mail City–Bay Fun Run

Sweaty salutations, from the Sunday Mail City–Bay Fun Run

By Chloe Szentpeteri

As Sunday, September 17 dawned, runners were rising early to compete in Adelaide’s annual Sunday Mail City–Bay event.

The morning was set for sun and sweat as competitors gave it their all in a bid to reach the finish line first, choosing to walk or run either three, six or 12 kilometre distances.

From the siren start right up until a cheering finale, competitors crossed the line with a smile, with participants ranging from young to old and wheelchairs flying fast with a breezy tailwind.

Although Olympians Brett Robinson and Jess Trengove, from SA, won first place for best male and female recorded times, all competitors came out winners and the event appeared to run without issue.

For regular runner Damien Henshave, it’s all about getting out in the community and giving it his all.

“The City–Bay is a good social run – I’ve done the 12km run ten times before and I run all year round,” the 40-year-old said.

“Today I did 56’30 [fifty-six minutes and thirty seconds] which isn’t my best, but it’s close to it.”

Spectator Lisa McNeil, 23, said she attends the event annually to support friends and family on their fitness journey, while occasionally participating herself.

“I’m a personal trainer, so it’s great to see clients pushing themselves and trying for new bests as they set themselves new goals,” she says.

“When I’m not watching friends or family running the race, I’ll sweat it out on the track myself.

“Either way it’s enjoyable and you couldn’t ask for a better day for it.”

Whether it be for the exercise, community involvement or for a charity, the walkers and runners of the event certainly sweat it out, with some opting to wear dinosaur suits, pushing beer keg props or dressing as superheroes.

However, the future of the Sunday Mail City–Bay Fun Run will be reassessed due to a decline in participants over the last few years.

The 2017 results will not be printed in The Advertiser this year, so check out www.adelaidenow.com.au for the full listing of competitors and corresponding results.


Image source: The Advertiser

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