Campaigners gather for final yes vote

Campaigners gather for final yes vote

By Aidan Curtis

Police needed to block off parts of North Terrace after thousands of people gathered on the steps of Parliament House in Adelaide for a second rally in favour of same-sex marriage.

The rally was held to give people another chance to show the Government what they think of same-sex marriage and the postal vote.

The rally’s MC, Zane Dean, said he was surprised at how many people attended.

“I thought it was incredible that Adelaide could do a rally like this a second time and get a similar turnout… and really send a strong message that we support marriage equality as a city,” Mr Dean said.

Support for the LGBTQI+ community has gained momentum in the lead up to the postal vote results being announced.

“It shows that we’re willing to fight for what’s right and it shows that there are so many people on our side since there aren’t enough members of the queer community to do a rally like this by ourselves,” Mr Dean said.

The rally was a personal event for many people who are queer or have queer family members.

Channel 9 presenter and musician, Jessica Braithwaite, performed a song written about being unable to legally celebrate her brother’s marriage.

“It was all about seeing the inequality within my own family and seeing the pain that it caused my mum and dad to see that some of their children were being treated equally and then my brother was being treated so unfairly by the law in Australia,” Ms Braithwaite said.

A small group protested the rally bearing anti-same-sex marriage signs, but were overwhelmed by the sheer number of ‘Yes’ voters.

The rally encouraged anyone who is yet to post his or her vote to do so. Voting closes on November 7.


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