Dear Trump

Dear Trump

By Samuel Squire.

Valentine’s Day, 2018 marked the 29th mass shooting in 2018 in just 45 days of the year. I wish I could understand how it is that it is only February 19 and there are 29 more horrific reasons to ban guns. Yet you ignore them, simply sending your “thoughts and prayers” instead. That won’t stop the problem. Those are hollow words said by those who do not know how to help and do not care enough to act on it.

Dear TrumpHow many more people have to die for you to see that this is not an issue of mental health, but how easily a person can walk into a gun store and walk out 15 minutes later with an assault rifle? I think Americans are stretching the point of self-protection by saying they need assault rifles. If they were for protection, why are they called “assault rifles”?

400 people have been shot at since Sandy Hook, Mr. President. Eight shootings have already happened in 2018 under your Presidency, just 7 weeks into the year. Do you not care, Mr. President? On Wednesday, 14 February 2018 Nikolas Cruz walked into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and murdered 17 people and leaving a further 15 critically wounded, and all you had to say was, “we are here for you”. How? What have you done but avoid the real problem here; guns? Even Australia knew when to call it a day after Port Arthur all those years ago. It recognised the issue and dealt with it. America, face it. You’re a failed state if there are this many people who desire to harm their own. Guns kill. And putting them in the hands of every Tom, Dick, and Harry that pleads the 2nd isn’t the way forward. It’s not self-protection. It’s idiocy.

I’m pretty sure EVERYONE would like to have their chances of being shot decreased…just because some right-wing nut-jobs in America disagree with gun control (the significant minority) doesn’t mean the Americans don’t want to be helped. Kids are dying “accidentally” because of easy access to guns in the home. Do they not want to be helped? The real reason there isn’t gun control is that the gun lobby makes so much money out of fear and corporations finance America’s government. It’s not that the people don’t want to be helped. Guns were taken away in Australia after the Port Arthur shooting 21 years ago and there hasn’t been a single mass shooting since. The murder rate has more than halved and the suicide rate by a gun has declined by even more than that. If we could get even a quarter of those results in a country that has over 25 times the population of us, think how many lives would be saved.

Trump if by some chance you read this. You are a useless idiot. Can you honestly say with a clear conscience that these people that have been affected by bad gun control, murders at schools and the losses of their children, they do not want your physical help, only “thoughts, and prayers”? There was a comment made by a distressed mother saying her little daughter came home one day after a school shooting drill crying because she needed new shoes. The lights in her trainers would give her location away. Do you honestly think that children as young as four or five years old should have to go through something as horrible as this because it’s ‘something that just happens’? Children’s biggest fear should be if they remembered lunch at school, NOT ‘will I be shot at school today?’

You singlehandedly can abolish civilian access to guns and solve this problem. How many more have to die for you to stop being so stupid and so blind before guns get into the hands of more psychopaths and more bullets into the innocent.

Trump. On behalf of the educated world. You can fix your broken nation. Help your people and save their lives. Or ignore it and watch your presidency become even more of a pitiful laughing-stock than it already is. Do something.



Image Source: ABC

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