Nick Xenophon’s water policies: All you need to know

Nick Xenophon’s water policies: All you need to know

By Giorgina McKay.

Nick Xenophon, leader of the Nick Xenophon Team (NXT) and SA-BEST, has vowed to make water one of his parties major policies ahead of the March state election.

South Australia should be moving towards more environmentally friendly methods, Mr Xenophon said, with water conservation being just one of the fundamentally important issues he wants to focus on in next month’s election.

The water policies outlined by Mr Xenophon include:

  • Preparing a cost-effective storm water-harvesting plan in conjunction with state governments and local councils to transform city areas into ‘green paradises’.
  • Implementing a policy in the upper-south-east of the state to ensure farmers are able to receive low-interest loans from small-scale desalination units.
  • Ensuring South Australia receives the extra 450 gigalitres of water it was promised to sustain the Murray-Darling Basin.
  • Preparing to stand up against the resistance of the eastern states to ensure South Australia does not continue to be ‘ripped off’ on water.

Xenophon said South Australia is the most vulnerable state when it comes to water.

“We need to make sure that no Darling Murray plan is adhered to; only the agreement that involves South Australia being able to use the resources of the State Government to keep the other states to account, whoever that is.”

“Storm-water harvesting projects needed to be turbo-charged,” he added.

“They deliver great value for money and great environmental benefits, both for our oceans and communities, as that water is brought back into green spaces, and helps flood management as well.”

Along with water, Mr Xenophon will also focus on government transparency and implementing a community energy plan centred on a not-for-profit co-op.

South Australians will head to the polls on March 17.



Image Source: Nic Walker/Financial Review

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