Australian Greens: The policies you need to know

Australian Greens: The policies you need to know


The Greens are known as ‘the environmental party’, protecting and conserving the environment at a government level.

The party is also big enough to form government in its own right this election, so what are their policies actually about, and is it just environment?

The short answer is no; while they are concerned with the state of the environment, and particularly the state of SA’s Murray Darling Basin, they also campaign for a fairer state for all people.

Greens have declared themselves leaders in South Australia for ending inequality, whether it be gender inequalities such as the wage gap and ‘pink tax’, or oppression and violence.

South Australian Greens Policies:

  • Government reform to support equal participation and opportunities for all; women, men, Indigenous and Torres Strait Islanders, LGBTQIA+, and culturally diverse people in other minorities.
  • Support for people trying to leave abusive relationships, including workplace support.
  • Affordable childcare for all parents, including workplace childcare or crèche, and support for carers from workplaces.
  • Student start-up scholarships to help underprivileged students buy textbooks and other equipment needed to begin or restart studying.
  • Support for the 20 per cent reduction in HECS-HELP costs for higher education advancement.
  • An increase in disability student support, including better infrastructure within schools, and teacher/teacher aide training.
  • An independent (non-government-run) audit of the Murray Darling, including soil samples from multiple areas to make sure diverse environments get the diverse support they need.
  • More support on a state level for the Murray Darling Basin Plan, to see it is done correctly and therefore produces the results that will benefit the river and the State.
  • No support for drilling and oil, but support for renewable energies.
  • Renewable energies become the only power source for the State by 2025, which would also reduce household power prices.
  • Funding for battery research, to support renewable energy use.
  • Cut all pokies from the State to improve gambling habits and addictions.
  • Cut transport fares, encouraging more people to use Adelaide’s existing public transport and reduce the number of cars and congestion on roads – which also reduces the amount of greenhouse gases created and improves the environmental footprint.

Other policies the Greens have, such as those regarding refugees, universal health care and LGBTQIA+ mental health, and other healthcare issues are considered federal-based policies rather than state policies.

Policies regarding energy and water are also policies the Greens would take into a federal government to create nationwide change but are particularly important in a South Australian environment because they discuss, quite literally, the South Australian environment.

The Greens have four candidates standing for the Legislative Council, and 35 candidates standing for MP positions, making them a force to be reckoned with in this election.


Image Source: Australian Greens

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