10 most affordable coffee spots in Adelaide


Ask almost any university student what their coping mechanism is, and this is the answer you will get.

“Coffee, coffee and more coffee”.

Getting your daily cup of joe can really add up so we set out to discover some of the most affordable coffee spots in the Adelaide CBD!

On the West side:


Peter Rabbit
234 Hindley Street, Adelaide

Small cappuccino    $3.80

 Other great options

Coffee Branch
32 Leigh Street, Adelaide

Small white coffee  $4

Crack Kitchen
13 Franklin Street, Adelaide

Small cappuccino    $4

Paddy’s Lantern
219 Gilbert Street, Adelaide

Regular white coffee          $4


On the East side:


Flinders Street Project
276 Flinders Street, Adelaide

Small cappuccino    $3.80

Other great options

Abbots and Kinney
78 Pirie Street, Adelaide (also available at UniSA City West campus, Hindley Street)

Small cappuccino    $4

12-18 Vardon Avenue, Adelaide

Small espresso                    $4.20

Hey Jupiter
11 Ebenezer Place, Adelaide

Small white coffee  $4.20


Outside of town:

Pony and Cole
6 Manton Street, Hindmarsh

Small cappuccino    $4

The Loose Caboose
21 First Street, Hindmarsh

Small cappuccino    $4


If you’re looking for an even better price, many cafes now offer discounts if you bring your own reusable cup!


Did you know?
In 2017 the most popular coffee choice in Australia was the latte, followed by the flat white.

The average Australian consumes 14 coffees a week, and on average spend a whopping $597 a year on cafe coffees.



Image Source: Barista Buzz


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