South Australia’s History Festival highlights the state’s greatest achievements

South Australia’s History Festival highlights the state’s greatest achievements

By Joshua Boscaini | @j_boscaini

South Australia is set to take a step back in time, as the History Festival plans to return for its 15th year.

The festival is one of the largest community events in the state and promotes South Australian history through different activities.

Over 650 events are on offer across every region in SA, from the Eyre Peninsula to the state’s South-East and right here in the Adelaide Metropolitan area.

The vast array of events range from tours in different languages, AUSLAN tours, and events focusing on LGBTQIA+ history, as well as walks, concerts, and food events.

Festival goers will have the opportunity to learn traditional weaving techniques with Kaurna elders during National Reconciliation Week.

There is also the chance to travel far out north to Desert Cave in Coober Pedy, where Robert Coro walks people through a journey and reveals his father’s dream.

Director of the History Festival, Alison Russell, said although this year’s festival is big, there are always plans to grow even larger.

“This year’s program is our 15th and is our largest. We have continued to develop year by year and there has been no slowing down,” Ms Russell said.

“Our program includes many niche events and we are encouraging everyone to go and be curious.”

The month-long festival attracts over 360 different event operators across SA and runs from April 28 to May 31. For more details click here.


Image Courtesy: SA History Festival.

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