Australia’s premier culinary experience on a budget

Image Source: Tasting Australia

By Annalise Toms |@annalise_toms

Tasting Australia is back for their annual foodie event, held at ‘Town Square’ daily until Sunday April 14.

From fine dining, to free family-friendly events, to intimate meals with world renowned Michelin-starred chefs and casual feeds with friends, Tasting Australia has something for all.

Even those of us who fear our digits disappearing from our depressing bank accounts; uni students, there are plenty of activities for the food lover with the humble budget.

Public Relations Coordinator for Tasting Australia, Kate Dinning, said Tasting Australia’s free entry Town Square—Victoria Square to the local Adelaidean—is an inner-city hub and a place to be for university students.

“A ‘front bar’ under the stars, complete with pinball and pool tables and a double-decker cocktail bus, will spice up Victoria Square for the free festival hub town square is,” said Ms Dinning.

Festival Director Simon Bryant said everything on the menu at Tasting Australia’s Town Square has been specially curated to be not only delicious, but to showcase local South Australian produce.

“We want people to see the drama of how their food is made—the flames, the steam, the incredible artistry that goes into it all. When you come to Town Square, you’re not just getting a delicious meal or a drink, you’re getting a show, too,” said Mr Bryant.

Town Square showcases 14 food stalls that offers a range of delectable dishes under $10, making it the perfect night out with uni friends, and easy to nip to between classes to soak up one of Australia’s world class festivals.

Premium programs hosted by Tasting Australia Airlines include regional flights around South Australia for luxurious day and dining experiences across the diverse South Australian regions.

The festival is expected to attract over 60 thousand people, with many travelling from interstate and overseas, generating significant economic activity for South Australia.

“This year’s program undoubtedly cements Tasting Australia as Australia’s premier culinary experience festival, and it’s clear people are responding,” said Mr Bryant.

More Tasting Australia programs and freebies can also be seen at the Rundle Mall Urban Pantry and Gawler Place Canopy celebrating local products and flavours from region producers, artisans and iconic food brands.

Tasting Australia suggest their ‘One Hour Wine School’  to uni students looking for the quintessential TA experience, a special intensive class covering all the wine-related basics in the evening on April 10.

If you have a bit more cash to splash, there are still a whole range of experiences, tours and masterclasses to attend and participate in before TA wraps up.

We here at On The Record recommend the ‘Archie Rose Gin Blending Experience’ and ‘Asado—Limestone Coast Lamb and Latin Jazz’ if you’re looking to push your boundaries and make the most of Australia’s premiere culinary festival.

For more information regarding programs, tickets and event locations visit Tasting Australia.


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