Advance Australia’s tragic counter argument comes as a satirical mascot

Advance Australia’s tragic counter argument comes as a satirical mascot

Image Source: The Daily Telegraph

By Jonathon Poulson | @jonoriley97

Conservative lobby group Advance Australia launched the mock superhero mascot ‘Captain GetUp’ last November in an attempt to highlight the organisation’s alleged support for Labor and the Greens, and criticise its acceptance of foreign donations.

However, the desperate attempt by Liberal MPs to consolidate their respective seats in the upcoming election, has left people confused, and contrarily brought more attention to the actual GetUp campaign.

GetUp is a far left-wing public policy activist group that advocates in fields such as the environment, human rights and the economy.

The group has been the subject of attack by Liberal MPs for calling and door-knocking across electorates where they want change.

Peter Dutton and the seat of Dickson have been the group’s latest target.

GetUp National Director Paul Oosting told ABC Radio Adelaide they [the group] will continue to target the hard-right faction of coalition MPs ahead of this year’s election – including the Liberal seat of Warringah and SA’s seat of Boothby – but says Labor is also in its sights.

In response to the satirical campaign, the well-funded GetUp team and its many volunteers also said it’s [the campaign] unlikely to have an impact on their own campaigning ahead of the federal election.

This is particularly prevalent when it comes to the climate change debate.

The GetUp campaign also advocates climate change as an “opportunity to create a world that works for everyone, not just a few”.

Data released by ABC’s Vote Compass has revealed the environment has become the number one political issue for left-wing voters, with the economy topping the list for right-wingers.

Advance Australia has claimed GetUp is using climate change as a political objective and not an environmental one.

But amid student protests and satirical political campaigns, it’s hard not to see it that way.

Vote Compass revealed that this year, 97 per cent of people eligible to vote have enrolled – compared to 95 per cent in 2016.

Close to one million more people will vote this year, with 50,000 Australians aged 18 to 24 set to vote for the first time.

This makes this year’s election the first poll where those born in the current millennium will have their say.

Research has shown that this predominantly boils down to current issues that are gaining traction and being discussed in the public forum.

The same issues a vast majority of politicians are failing to take action on.

Groups like GetUp work to bring awareness and demand action on these prevalent issues, and to call out those in power who refuse to do the same.

This is why these activist groups are seen as unpopular in the world of politics.

It’s also the reason for the launch of the satirical mascot currently invading our media.

Captain GetUp is not only being used as an attack dog, but as a strategy to influence voters.

In an age where it’s important for people’s voices to be heard, don’t let such negative advertising strategies deter your vote.

Use the Vote Compass tool to explore how your views align with the candidates  at


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