Australia has reached the third-fastest growing vegan population in the world: how does Adelaide stack up?

Australia has reached the third-fastest growing vegan population in the world: how does Adelaide stack up?

Image Source: Smudge Eats

By Anastasia Monaghan 

A recent report has revealed that 8.7% of Australians are currently committed to consuming a plant-based diet, while Adelaide ranks as the ninth most popular city for veganism worldwide.

Sitting close behind Melbourne, which is currently ranked fifth worldwide, Adelaide has also reached second place as the most popular city for veganism in Australia.

Veganism (or a plant-based diet) consists of the elimination of animal products, including dairy, eggs, meat and honey from diets.

The boom of the vegan trend in Adelaide has not only sparked an increase in popularity and google searches, but has prompted numerous allvegan cafes and restaurants to make Adelaide their home.

The most recent vegan shopfront to open in Adelaide is Nathan Bakes on Grenfell Street, which provides vegan and gluten free desserts and baked goods.  

Head Kitchen Conjurer of Nathan Bakes Nathan Schubert-Jones said he has noticed an obvious push in society towards veganism.

No one should have bad food, and as long as these [cafes] do serve good food and not something that is ‘good enough’ for vegans and coeliacs, then I am all for it, he said.

Mr Schubert-Jones said he has also realised that although he has dairy as a milk option for coffees, the surcharge for dairy has encouraged consumers to try plant-based milks.

The main reason I do this is due to my market research prior to opening,” he said.

“People would simply not come in if they couldn’t get dairy milk in their coffee.

Now I have many regulars who no longer order dairy in their coffee because I had dairy to get them through the door the first time.”  

Crux café in Semaphore has also joined the Adelaide vegan café scene after opening in 2018.

Crux café owner Aleesha Lindsaar said the response has been overall incredibly positive.

There’s a huge hole in the market for vegan businesses here… there simply isn’t enough of them,” she said.

It’s the perfect time to run an ethical business to help change society’s norms and closed minds.

“All of our views as a generation are changing so we need to help the shift happen.”

Ms Lindsaar chose to pursue a vegan lifestyle two years ago and found she always had to eat at omnivorous restaurants in Adelaide.

It’s amazing to see fully vegan dinner spots, fast food restaurants, and other breakfast and brunch cafes popping up,” she said.

It’s great to be able to go somewhere and feel safe with what I’m being served.”

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