Why are we still asking for vegan options in 2019?

Why are we still asking for vegan options in 2019?

Image Source: Arizona Daily Star

By Anastasia Monaghan

Seriously, why?

I pose this question because I genuinely thought the days of asking for vegan options were over.

Let me set the scene for you.

A friend of mine asked me out to dinner: I accepted.

Now, four years ago, I may have accepted and gone on to suggest we find a place to eat where I could work with the menu to create a vegan option but, as previously stated, it’s 2019, and I have found 99 per cent of restaurants are more than accommodating for dietary requirements.

My friend suggested Bread and Bone – which I hadn’t visited previously – and naturally, I checked the menu, just in case. 

Long story short, we ended up at Spaghetti Western where I enjoyed a delicious pasta dish with vegan cheese, and Bread and Bone lost our business for a night.

I’ve followed a vegan lifestyle for four years.

When I first started out, most people I came in contact with had no idea what veganism was, let alone what we choose to avoid.

Eating out was a hassle.

I would usually choose the vegetarian option on the menu and ask for no egg or dairy, but when I realised too many restaurants really don’t pay attention to that request, I resorted to explaining I was extremely allergic to egg and dairy.

This resulted in many vegetarian pizzas with no cheese, and dry vegetarian burgers with no sauce.

However, I didn’t complain; I chose this lifestyle, and I had to work with what I had.

But over the years, whether we like it or not, veganism has been on the rise.

According to a 2019 study by Vegan Australia, 12 per cent of the Australian population is all or almost vegetarian, and Australia is the third-fastest growing vegan market in the world.

In response to this growth, restaurants have taken it under their wing to be accommodating.

Hogs Breath Café (known as ‘Australia’s Steakhouse’) now has an Avocado and Vegan Schnitzel Wrap and a ‘Veganlicious’ burger on its menu, and San Churros just introduced a new, vegan milk chocolate range.

Given that more Australians are becoming vegan, with Sydney dietitian Nicole Dynan expecting the trend to grow as more people become gut-health aware, it’s about time all of Adelaide’s restaurants hop on to the trend before they get left behind.




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