‘On tap’ is now ‘one tap’ away with new Adelaide-born app

‘On tap’ is now ‘one tap’ away with new Adelaide-born app

Adelaideans can now purchase drinks differently thanks to a new app (Image Source: Culture Trip).

By Viki Ntafillis | @viki_ntaf

Adelaide locals have developed a smartphone app for those seeking “a champagne taste on a beer budget”, quite literally.

“Shouted” allows users to pre-purchase discounted drinks for themselves or for “crowds” (virtual groups on the app).

Consumers can expect to save 20–30 per cent through Shouted on a variety of drinks at various venues.

“There’s no other app where you can shout a drink and buy it from anywhere in the world,” Shouted’s Business Development Manager Chris du Plessis said.

“Through the app, people can experience new [places] they wouldn’t have normally gone to [or] bars they wouldn’t have heard of.

“A person that may normally be a budget consumer can try more expensive alcohol.”

However, Mr du Plessis said developers Michael Bois and Sam Nicolitsi wanted Shouted’s “core focus” to be “connecting businesses with people so they can engage better with their clientele”.

In a post on LinkedIn, Mr Bois said “Shouted…gives brands and bars access to live consumption data [by providing] transactional reports with to-the-minute accuracy”.

Mr du Plessis said Shouted even lets venues see what times people get certain drinks, the age group, and the demographics.

“It gives venues the analytical data you wouldn’t get from a point of sale, so they can understand consumer behaviour a lot better,” he said.

Therefore, liquor distributors can push the same deal out to all their venues and without needing to call to ask how it’s selling.

“All they need to do is look at the app to keep track of their products, which is what they can’t do at the moment,” Mr du Plessis said.

Shouted also pays venues “the following day on redemption” for all the drinks sold through the app.

“For small businesses, the biggest issue is [generally] cash flow, so we are able to alleviate that,” Mr du Plessis said.

He said this was why Shouted appealed to venues in São Paulo, the app’s first and only international location thus far.

Like in most cities, São Paulo venues were relying on credit card companies for payment, which can take up to 30 days.

“With our app, there’s an instant payment, there’s no friction,” Mr du Plessis said.

In Australia, Shouted is currently being used in Adelaide and Melbourne, but developers want to venture further.

“We are hoping to cover Australia… then expand into Brazil further, and America as well; that’s our goal,” said Mr du Plessis.

Meanwhile, possible future developments within the app include peer-to-peer messaging, bar tabs, and split bar tabs.

In Adelaide, the discounted drinks are currently available at venues such as Cry Baby, Hotel Richmond, Mr. Goodbar and more.

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