Meet Adelaide’s best caterers: Hello Sarnie

Meet Adelaide’s best caterers: Hello Sarnie

Hello Sarnie now hold the title of Adelaide’s Best Caterer as awarded by The City Awards 2019, but they’re more than a catering company (Image Source: Hello Sarnie’s Instagram @hellosarnie)

By Meika Bottrill | @meikabottrill

Hello Sarnie the innovative grab-and-go sandwich barwas launched in 2015, introducing Adelaide to the concept of fresh, high quality and convenient food.

When co-owners and business partners Andrew Pearce and Mike Kendall-Smith moved to Adelaide from the UK, they noticed a lack of fresh, handmade and convenient food, so they decided to enter the market.

With the experience of managing a previous café in Adelaide, they launched Hello Sarnie.

Hello Sarnie provides its guests with fresh breakfast, lunch and snack options from 7am3pm, MondayFriday.

Additionally, Hello Sarnie offers corporate catering: a service that has taken off rapidly.

Now almost four years later, Hello Sarnie has just been awarded as Adelaide’s Best Caterer for 2019.

Co-owner Andrew Pearce smiles as he greets customers (Image Source: Hello Sarnie’s Instagram @hellosarnie).

If we think about a restaurant in Adelaide where we can grab a sandwich, we often think about Subway: a place that makes your sandwich in front of you.

What Adelaide lacked was a place that had fresh, ready-made items that you can immediately pick up, place on the counter and pay for.

Hello Sarnie is handy for those of us who need to get a quick meal on our short lunch break.

Grab-and-go is old news now.

Customers want fresh, high-quality, gourmet ingredients, without sacrificing convenience.

Grab-and-go existed in Australia, but not really to the standard of the UK,” Mr Kendall-Smith said. 

“The UK has been serving this quickservice food for decades, and we felt like there was a gap in the market and an opportunity to create something similar.”

With the launch of their new Winter menu in late April, they offer a range of freshly made and ready to take awaysandwiches, salads, baguettes, wraps, protein balls, and homemade soup – just to name a few.

Hello Sarnie’s pride is placed in the quality and freshness of the products they offer to customers.  

It can be difficult to market a sandwich an item you can typically make at home but Hello Sarnie provide their guests with high-quality food without compromising on the homemade aspect of your meal.

The Rueben Sarnie (Image Source: Hello Sarnie’s Instagram @hellosarnie).

With delicious ingredients sourced from the Adelaide Hills, and coffee beans sourced from local roasters, the customer can enjoy their meal with the comfort of knowing where their food is coming from.

The quality of fresh produce is far superior in Australiagiven the fact that we can source most foods/ingredients without having to go overseas,” Mr Kendall-Smith said.

In order to reduce their food wastage, while also providing fresh food, Hello Sarnie partners with OzHarvest, Australia’s leading food rescue organisation, and gives away anything they do not sell that day.

“We make [our food] fresh every day and we don’t use use-by-dates. What we don’t sell, we donate to charity at the end of each day,” Mr Kendall-Smith said.

The name Hello Sarnie was aimed to create an atmosphere that encouraged guests to feel welcomed enough to come back time and time again.

“One of our objectives right from the beginning was to create a local community where our guests visit us frequently,” Mr Kendall-Smith said.

The word ‘Hello’ has soft, welcoming and familiar connotations, and we felt that would represent our brand well.

The owners additionally wanted to point to their British heritage and personalise the brand by incorporating the word ‘Sarnie’, which is slang for sandwich.

In the time-poor society that we find ourselves in, Hello Sarnie delivers quick food without compromising on customer service.

The customers are at the heart of everything Hello Sarnie does.

From the moment you step into the store, you are immediately welcomed with a friendly staff member’s face and are invited for a quick chat before you dash off to work or your next appointment.

The kitchen staff start at 6am to prepare delicious foodensuring the customer has fresh meals every day.

The passion and dedication to the restaurant is evident in both the owners and staff who are always happy for a chat.

This welcoming atmosphere, in addition to excellent ingredients, is what makes Hello Sarnie different to your typical ready-to-eat restaurant.

At the moment, you can find Hello Sarnie’s popular city locations at 147 Pirie Street, and 99 Gawler Place; but Mr Pearce and Mr Kendall-Smith have bigger plans.

We’d like to continue to grow our store numbers here in Adelaide, then look to expand interstate,” Mr Kendall-Smith said.

”There might be other opportunities where we can use our expertise to create other revenue streams whether it be sports events, travel or pop up stores.”


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