Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation celebrates over 140 years of service

Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation celebrates over 140 years of service

It’s the behind-the-scenes work from the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation that has allowed the hospital to provide great healthcare and service to South Australian residents (Image Source: Women’s and Children’s Hospital)

By Jack Evans 

Established to support the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation (WACHF) is an incredibly important South Australian charity.

Founded in 1876, the Foundation has played an integral part in the hospital’s operation and its patients’ experiences for 140 years.

Aside from funding paediatric research and much-needed equipment, wellbeing projects such as Art and Health programs are also made possible thanks to the support from the Foundation.

“The goal of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation is to make the hospital journey look and feel better for our families both inside the hospital and outside the hospital,” Corinne Habel, Head of Fundraising for the Women’s and Children’s Foundation, said.

The WACHF most recently finished construction on a palliative care beach house in Victor Harbor: the first-of-its-kind in South Australia.

The beach house, which had been eight years in the making, serves as a place where families undergoing palliative and complex care can come together to have fun, relax, and create memories.

“There’s a real need for families to be able to have those amazing memories with their families and their children so we are super proud of that and everyone’s really excited about it,” Ms Habel said.

The beach house is a result of years of hard work and consultation with the families of children undergoing palliative care, and the final result is a beautiful home in Encounter Lakes.

Ms Habel also acknowledged the importance of the hospital in terms of research and how crucial it is to keep this research in South Australia to cultivate the State.

“A lot of our research is aimed at the early and mid-tier research, so we are keeping the research in SA,” Ms Habel said.

“That’s another one of our goals: that the research doesn’t go interstate and we keep the best and the brightest here.”

November will be a busy month for the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation, with a slew of fundraising events taking place.

The City to Bay is one of the many important fundraising days for the Foundation, along with golf days, the Melbourne Cup at Signature Wines, and the New York Marathon.

Ms Habel encouraged people to get involved and support the important cause.

If people are looking to support the Foundation there are several other ways to do so.

You can host an event of your own with guidance from the Foundation, buy a lottery ticket in the Mega Home Lottery, make a donation or encourage others to recognise the role the WACH plays in the community.

In the last 10 years, the Women’s and Children’s Foundation has raised over $36 million, and encourages donations and support to be able to continue their positive work.

“We want to stay on that track and continue to grow it. The more money we raise the more goes into the hospital and supports the families,” Ms Habel said.

“Our children deserve world-class health-care in their backyard and that’s what the Foundation helps to deliver: ensuring that our children get the best possible health care in SA.”


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