Local EDM act Theeves nominated for the People’s Choice Electronic Artist of the Year

Local EDM act Theeves nominated for the People’s Choice Electronic Artist of the Year

Adelaide EDM duo “Theeves” prove that small city artists can make it big (Image Source: Triple J Unearthed)

By Jack Evans

After bursting onto the scene in 2015, local electro-pop duo “Theeves” has been on a steady upward trajectory, taking the Adelaide music scene by storm with hits such as Erase You and Y.S.Y.N.T.

Theeves, consisting of musicians Liam Kerr and Kane Hadji, has now been nominated for the People’s Choice “Electronic Artist of the Year”, and the boys couldn’t be more thrilled.

The duo’s love of music has been long documented, with both members demonstrating a love and skill for guitar throughout high school, before coming together to excel in the electronic music scene.

“I played guitar throughout school, but fell in love with electronic music, and started learning music production in 2012,” Mr Hadji said.

“This was also when I met Liam in school, and it was a major bond for our relationship.”

Mr Kerr echoed the sentiment of loving music from a young age.

“Music’s always my first love, but my first taste of playing it started when I picked up guitar in Year 2,” Mr Kerr said.

“I played in different kinds of bands all through high school, while at the same time, learning music production alongside Kane until we decided to put this project together.”

The SA Music Awards will take place on 22 November at Bonython Hall, and Theeves are happy to be among the impressive selection of EDM artists.

We are thrilled to even be considered for a nomination for this award,” Mr Kerr said.

“Everyone in the category is incredible, so whatever the result, we are just happy to be a nominee.”

While the artists couldn’t say too much about what’s next for them, they said more music could be expected for the remainder of the year.

And based on the duos’ performance so far, we are in for a treat.

“More music, more content, more everything really,” Mr Kerr said.

“We can’t say much for now, but we have so much to come for the remainder of 2019 and throughout 2020, and we are excited to unveil it all.”

But while the duo has had much success, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing.

Like many Adelaide artists, Mr Kerr and Mr Hadji found it difficult coming up in the Adelaide music scene and having their music heard.

“When a project starts, it can feel very difficult to get your music out to people,” Mr Kerr said.

“We like to think our sound is quite unique, so finding the right channels to grow exposure has always been a challenge for us.”

However, the duo acknowledged the positive work that local radio stations, such as Fresh 92.7, do in supporting Adelaide artists.

“We have been really fortunate to have received support from Fresh 92.7 which has done a lot for Theeves,” Mr Kerr said.

“Getting played on the radio weekly and adding us on their playlists has created some genuine interest in the project and we are so grateful for that.”

Mr Kerr and Mr Hadji were also grateful to have been able to support some of their favourite DJ’s in live performances, and to have a platform to be able to share what they love.

“We’ve been extremely fortunate to have supported some of our heroes as a DJ act, but a live show is definitely something we’re working towards,” Mr Kerr said.

“It’s something that we have been working hard on, and we hope to get something out that encapsulates all our work in 2020.”

The duo is eagerly awaiting the results of the vote on 22 November.

Regardless of the results, we can expect big things from Theeves for the rest of 2019 and into 2020.

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