Fringe for free: The 10 best Adelaide Fringe events that cost absolutely nothing

Fringe for free: The 10 best Adelaide Fringe events that cost absolutely nothing

Fringe season doesn’t have to cost the world and this guide, catered to the savvy student, proves just that. (Image source: AWOL

By Nikita Skuse | @nikita_skuse

It has swiftly come around to that time of year again when Adelaide is buzzing with acts on every corner thanks to the Adelaide Fringe. 

It can be difficult sifting through the hundreds of Fringe events to find one that’s right for you, and even more difficult if you’re a student on a shoestring budget. 

Thankfully, there is a vast selection of free events that allow you to experience all the Adelaide Fringe has to offer while still preserving your bank account.

Here’s a list of the top 10 events to catch this Fringe season that won’t hurt your wallet: 

1. The Art of Being Human


(Image source: Adelaide Fringe

The Art of Being Human is three hours of heart-warming content giving those experiencing homelessness or vulnerability a platform to showcase their talents.

Artists experiencing these kinds of situations are given the opportunity to perform and display their art in a concert setting at Whitmore Square on February 22.  

This annual event was created to give people experiencing homelessness a chance to be recognised and respected as artists. 

This year’s concert is based around the idea of the healing power of music and having a voice through song. 

2. Yabarra — Dreaming in Light


(Image source: Adelaide Fringe

The story of creation and country is coming to life this Fringe season with Yabarra — an immersive dreaming track. 

The event creators said cutting edge light technologies and state of the art illuminations have been used to depict Indigenous dreaming. 

Audiences will walk through an array of light displays as part of this unique cultural experience that will engage and educate. 

Yabarra will run for the duration of the Adelaide Fringe at Tandanya on Grenfell Street. 

3. I get it, you moved to Melbourne 


(Image source: Adelaide Fringe

“I think I’ll to move to Melbourne after uni” is a phrase most young people will have heard or said at least once or twice in their life. 

Lisa Jacomos and Tahney Fosdike have created a pop-up social museum to explore this elusive pull to Melbourne that so many young Adelaide dwellers feel. 

Visual art, creative writing and archival displays will be on show to take a more in-depth look at the migration between the two cities. 

I get it, you moved to Melbourne will be at the Migration Museum from February 29—March 1 and at The Lion from March 4—7. 

4. Crabaret 


(Image source: Crabaret

Crabaret is a kooky parade of sorts, designed for the crafty and spontaneous. 

The requirements for the event are simple, dress as a red crab (or in red attire at the bare minimum) and sing, perform, play instruments and have a laugh as the cast of crabs make their way through Victoria Square and Rundle Mall. 

The event organisers encourage participants to use recycled, found or second-hand materials to construct their crab costumes.

Crabaret will take off at 5.30pm on February 15 from Floating Goose Studios on Morphett Street. 

5. Deadly Funny  


(Image source: Adelaide Fringe

Presented by the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Deadly Funny is unearthing the freshest and funniest Indigenous comedians from around the country. 

This event is part of a comedy competition that started in November 2019 and is open to any Indigenous Australians over the age of 18. 

The up and coming comedians will participate in workshops in the afternoons to refine their live acts before audiences see them perform in the evenings. 

You can catch Deadly Funny on February 21 at Tandanya on Grenfell Street or February 23 at the Institute Theatre in Port Augusta. 

6. Fringe at Flinders 


(Image source: Adelaide Fringe

Fringe on Tour is heading to Flinders University for the first time ever for an evening of hand-picked Fringe performances. 

There will be a selection of local, national and international artists taking to the stage from 3pm. 

This jam-packed evening will be a great way to end the Adelaide Fringe, with entertainment suited to everyone. 

Fringe at Flinders will take place on March 14 at Flinders University Plaza. 

7. Poetry Up the Creek 


(Image source: Adelaide Fringe

For something away from all the hustle and bustle of Fringe in the CBD, take a trip up the creek for a serene poetry performance. 

South Australian poets of all ages will perform their carefully crafted words live amongst some of the scenic nature our state has to offer. 

Audiences are encouraged to bring a picnic and make the most of a relaxing evening of performances.  

You can find Poetry Up the Creek at Pine Park in Tea Tree Gully on March 1. 

8. 1.5 Degrees Live! 


(Image source: Adelaide Fringe

The IPPC Report is known as the most important climate change report in history, stating the impacts of global warming of 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

Hear this report in full from over 100 guest readers, split into 20-minute intervals so you can come and go as you please. 

This would be a great event for anyone who wants to know more about climate change but doesn’t know where to start. 

1.5 Degrees Live! will kick off at Flinders University on 5 March and then continue at The Garden of Unearthly Delights from March 6—7. 

9. Sanaa Story Telling


(Image source: Adelaide Fringe

Sanaa Ink is holding a cultural night of theatre, poetry and dance presented by performers from both Africa and Australia. 

The event will also be hosted among artworks created by 12 different artists from across Africa.

Sanaa Ink’s aim is to promote the power of art and its ability to bridge cultural gaps as well as encourage social cohesion through creative expression.  

Sanaa Story Telling will take place at the Kerry Packer Civic Gallery at UniSA’s City West Campus on February 12. 

10. Aerial Arts 


(Image source: Adelaide Fringe

Regattas Bar at the Adelaide Convention Centre will be hosting Aerial Artists Adelaide over three days in March to showcase some of their up and coming aerial acts. 

Spend an afternoon in awe of these remarkable stunts from a seat overlooking the Torrens.  

You can catch a glimpse of Aerial Artists Adelaide from March 6—8.  

To find more details about any of these free events, or the hundreds of other Fringe events, head to the Adelaide Fringe website.

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