Five binge-worthy true crime podcasts

Five binge-worthy true crime podcasts

With so many of us staying home and left with very little to do, On the Record contributor, Emily Schinella, has put together a guide to some of the best true crime podcasts that can provide a little escapism. (Image source: NFSA)

By Emily Schinella | @emily_schinella

For some, the world of true crime is unsettling and a little bit taboo. For others, it’s a guilty pleasure – a way to unwind and kick back at the end of a hectic day at the office. Whether it’s an attempt to comprehend the depravity involved or because we live in a 24-hour news cycle that is filled with such actions, it’s clear many of us simply cannot get enough of true crime.

With so many books, documentaries, and docuseries in the genre, there’s definitely no shortage of ways to quench your thirst for the subject. However, for the crime fans who are on the go, podcasts are an ideal way to indulge in the macabre.

So, whether you prefer murders, cults or mysteries, here are five true crime podcasts to sink your teeth into:

  1. The All Aussie Mystery Hour

If you like some good old-fashioned Aussie banter and a whole lot of zest, then the All Aussie Mystery Hour is the podcast for you. Presented by the Pedestrian Network, this podcast is a light-hearted chat between a couple of pals named Josie and Mel, as they attempt to unravel some of Australia’s biggest and most peculiar mysteries such as the disappearance of Harold Holt, yowies and whether the Tasmanian tiger is actually extinct.

  1. Casefile

Narrated by an anonymous host with what is oddly one of the most soothing voices in the entire podcast world. This well-researched, Aussie-made podcast has all the nuts and bolts of a traditional crime podcast. Casefile covers everything from home-grown true crime stories, such as the Backpacker Murders, to infamous cases from overseas, including a truly nail-biting five-part episode on the Golden State Killer.

  1. My Favourite Murder

Featuring comedy duo Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, My Favourite Murder is a witty true crime podcast where the hosts present a case each (rather than just one per episode) and discuss it, providing their signature dark humour and a lot of zany anecdotes along the way. To top it off, each episode ends with the hosts signing off with their signature catchphrase: “Stay sexy, don’t get murdered.”

  1. Someone Knows Something

Exploring one infamous cold case per season, Someone Knows Something provides in-depth discussions and interviews with people directly involved in each particular case. The podcast is hosted by Canadian writer and filmmaker, David Ridgen, whose investigative journalism has led to a case being reopened and a resulting murder conviction.

  1. Who the Hell is Hamish?

Unlike the other contenders on this list, Who the Hell is Hamish? focuses on one man who committed multiple crimes, the story of Hamish McLaren. Who the hell is Hamish, you ask? Hamish McLaren, also known by his multiple aliases Hamish Watson, Hamish Maxwell or Max Tavita, is a king-swindler who is essentially Australia’s answer to Dirty John. Using his charm and wit, McLaren conned several wealthy women, including Australian fashion designer Lisa Ho, out of millions. Hosted by Walkley Award-winning journalist, Greg Bearup, Who the Hell is Hamish? is an in-depth look into McLaren’s exploits and how he deceived so many for so long.

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