How one teacher is continuing to inspire her students online during COVID-19

How one teacher is continuing to inspire her students online during COVID-19

Astrid-Marie Powell is one of many teachers who are determined to not let COVID-19 stop them from teaching not only their own students, but many others too. (Image source: The House of Wellness)

By Alexandra Bull@ally_bull19

With COVID-19 social distancing restrictions in place, it has made learning, and teaching, difficult for students and teachers.

While restrictions are slowly being lifted and students are slowly returning to school, many teachers and teaching students went above and beyond to keep students inspired whilst they could not attend physical classes.

Teachers are using the power of social media to keep students inspired, motivating them to continue learning during these difficult times.

Many teachers have taken to Facebook and Instagram to offer their services, posting videos and creating accounts that offer free content that any student can view and use.

R-7 PE teacher at St Josephs Renmark, Astrid-Marie Powell, took it upon herself to create an Instagram account to help students.

Her educational account—misspe.powell—gives students tasks and challenges that are similar to those they would have completed in their normal physical education lessons.

“I noticed that there wasn’t much out there in terms of PE lessons for online lessons,” Astrid said.

“I decided to create the Instagram originally for the families around my school who might be struggling with online learning.

“It is partly about just generally keeping their children busy whey all they are currently doing is sitting behind a computer screen.”

Astrid’s account has a variety of different posts, aimed towards primary school students, consisting of agility, balance, speed and reaction, and fitness workouts.

“I post a mixture of general fitness workouts but also sport and skill-specific activities, and more recently the posts have been aimed more towards the skill development for students ages 5-13,” she said.

“The content is aimed from R-7 year groups and families who need assistance with thinking of different games and skill to keep their children active during this time.

“I have also tried to use different equipment or resources in the activities that you would be able to find around your house,” Astrid added.

There are also posts that focus on skills used in netball and football – winter sports that students are missing out on at the moment due to COVID19 restrictions.

Astrid said the feedback has been very positive and encouraging.

“I’ve had some students send in their workouts and their attempts at the skill development activities,” she said.

“Parents have also commented on how it helped a lot during the holidays, particularly in bringing some normality to their child’s life.

“Parents have also provided feedback that the students are getting sick of sitting on computers for so long and they are finally enjoying getting outside and doing a workout.”

Astrid says she is going to continue to post content as students slowly return to school and COVID-19 restrictions ease.

“I will continue to post on my account during the holiday breaks, as I think this is another opportunity for parents to use the ideas posted to get their children moving and staying active,” she said.

“As schools are slowly going back to normal, the content being posted will be less, but I am aiming to post skill development videos and activities at least once a week.

“One major positive to come out of this pandemic, and students staying home from school, is that they are more interested in learning about movement, cooking and technology rather than being glued to their computers.”

You can find Astrid’s account here. If you are wanting to relieve your primary school days, maybe you too can try out one of the many exercises!

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