Random acts of kindness: how people are showing kindness in a time of uncertainty

Random acts of kindness: how people are showing kindness in a time of uncertainty

While some of the most essential sanitary products including soap and toilet paper are quickly running low, some people are taking matters into their own hands and doing their best to provide these necessities for people who are struggling. (Image Source: BBC)

By Rebecca Gaitaneris@bec_gaitaneris

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, food shortage fears have prompted a new phenomenon of ‘panic buying’ leaving many supermarkets and retail stores stripped to nothing.

But, in drastic times South Australia has seen many individuals go above and beyond to do what they can to stop the spread of coronavirus. One being Rachel Shearer, who has been donating soap and other cosmetic products to her neighbours in their letterboxes in an attempt to share some kindness in a time of uncertainty.

Ms Shearer who is in her final year of studying law and works causally at Lush Cosmetics was laid off work after Lush Marion was forced to close amid COVID-19.

Lush products are made from fresh, sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients, which left the store with an enormous amount of products past their sell-by date.

“I felt bad seeing all the products go straight into compost, so I decided to take home around 4 four kilograms of soap,” Ms Shearer said.

“I looked at all the soap on my kitchen table and thought that it would take years for me to use it all.”

Ms Shearer had the idea to cut it up into small pieces with the plan to wrap them up and gift anonymously to her neighbours’ mailboxes.

Ms Shearer’s innovative and thoughtful gesture couldn’t have happened at a better stage during this pandemic as health authorities are urging Australians to practice good hygiene by frequently washing hands stop the spread of coronavirus.

As a result of her random act of kindness Ms Shearer has received an overwhelming amount of positive responses.

“I know my mum and the rest of my family are so proud of what I did.”

Ms Shearer’s mother posted about her gesture on a public Facebook page, the Kindness Pandemic and received over 24,000 likes and thousands of comments and praises from people all over the world.

(Image Source: The Kindness Pandemic Facebook Page)

“I had many people message me on Facebook saying what a great idea it was,” Ms Shearer said.

Ms Shearer said she was amazed with the online response and didn’t expect anyone to ever know it was her, nor did she expect any thanks or praise.

She urges people to promote kindness during this time of uncertainty and hopes that her random act of kindness encourages others to do similar things in their community.

“I just hoped I could inspire others to be kind to strangers in this challenging and confusing time,” she said.

If you or anyone you know feels overwhelmed during this pandemic, help is available. Get in touch with Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636 or Lifeline 13 11 14 for immediate crisis support.

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