Put your money where it matters: a nod to small business owners doing it tough

Put your money where it matters: a nod to small business owners doing it tough

It’s no secret small businesses are doing it tough however, as customers there are ways we can help.(image source: Tourlane)

By Rebecca Gaitaneris |

Small businesses across Australia are struggling to makes ends meet with restrictions exceeding expectations. Countless businesses are facing financial hardship where others have closed their doors for good.

Rather than watch her favourite businesses go under, one Adelaide woman has launched an online community for people like you and me, to help keep small businesses on their feet. Nicola Otto started Support Small Adelaide April this year in-light of the unique struggles faced by Australians in the past twelve months.

“I really value the quality and uniqueness that small businesses bring to a community and my heart was breaking for those suffering,” she said.

Ms Otto is a woman of many trades; a full time manager, yoga teacher and health coach working towards becoming fully self employed.

“I have had a few small business ventures myself… I would hate to see Adelaide lose so many business gems that make Adelaide unique,” she said.

Ms Otto was inspired to start Support Small Adelaide after her favourite café, Karma and Crow, put everything they had into helping bushfire affected communities during Australia’s Black Summer.

“It inspired me to create a way to connect people who could afford to support businesses affected by COVID-19,” she said.

Ms Otto’s idea was initially based on the World Vision concept of adopting children. She hoped her initiative would remind businesses that their work is appreciated and there are people willing to help.

“I thought if people could ‘adopt’ their favourite small businesses to keep them on their feet during this pandemic, it would help business owners both financially and mentally.

“As a community, we are here to support small businesses. We value the contribution their work makes to the economy and to out lives,” she said.

Ms Otto encourages any small business owners who are struggling to make ends meet to submit an application form from her website.

Some of the small businesses currently listed on Support Small Adelaide are Melon and Ryle Café, Wild at heart Flower Co and Jess Crawford. All who have been affected directly by COVID-19 restrictions and the lack of spending on non-essential items.

“I think there’s great potential for a grassroots movement of support for small businesses, which will not only be great for the economy but also for the wellbeing and mental health of our community.

“I understand that not everyone will be in the position to donate at this time but I hope that everyone can spread the word. Whether it be five dollars or a hundred, anything to help small businesses would make a judge difference,” Ms Otto said.

Ms Otto encourages people to look after themselves and others during this time and hopes her organisation inspires others to do similar things in their community.

“We’re all in this together and it’s heartening to see how this pandemic has brought more personal connections into our lives.”

If you or anyone you know feels overwhelmed during the pandemic, help is available. Get in touch with Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636 or Lifeline 13 11 14 for immediate crisis support.  

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