Taking stage during COVID-19

Taking stage during COVID-19

One of the biggest things people are missing during COVID-19 is concerts and festivals. Here is how many artists are staying connected with their music and fans during this time. (Image source: Pinterest)

By Alexandra Bull@ally_bull19

The cancellation of thousands of concerts around the world left people, who usually spend their weekends watching their favourite artists, feeling slightly lost without their regular fix of live music.

However, with the help of social media and television, numerous artists are still performing for audiences, taking stage in their kitchens and loungerooms rather than filled arenas.

Whilst it is obviously not the same as going to see artists live, we are still being blessed with short but sweet performances by some of our favourite local and international artists.

COVID-19 fundraising initiatives has seen some of our favourite artists collaborating in the likes of which we have never seen.

The One World: Together at Home initiative was just one of the many ‘at home’ concerts that people had the pleasure of viewing in the middle of April.

With a stellar line-up, comprising of artists such as Lady Gaga, Elton John and Madonna, it’s no wonder that One World was such a huge success.

With $127 million raised in response to the COVID-19 crisis, it’s safe to say that One World set the standard high for future televised concerts.

Music from the home front was Australia’s own version of One World, featuring an all Australian and New Zealand line-up.

Featuring artists such as Lime Cordiale, Crowded House and Tame Impala (just to name a few), Music from the home front was an initiative to pay respects to Anzacs, whilst also drawing attention to workers on the COVID-19 front line.

Both televised performances aimed to bring people together in these difficult times through the power of music (which is what it’s all about in some sense).

Other artists such as Shawn Mendes and Niall Horan have taken to Instagram Live to give us short concerts, giving us a small taste of what’s to come after the pandemic.

Niall Horan performs almost daily on his Instagram, doing covers, short performances of his own songs and playing unreleased music to keep his fans happy and connected during COVID-19.

Although it is nowhere near what artists and fans are used to, the use of Instagram Live and IGTV is providing people with some solace whilst they so patiently wait for the real thing to happen once more.

There have also been some slightly different schemes for delivering live music to fans safely and complying with social distancing rules.

Australian band Hockey Dad announced on Monday that they are doing a ‘drive-in concert’, for the promotion of their new album ‘Brain Candy’.

Hockey Dad are just one of the hundreds of concerts that have been postponed due to COVID-19 and are instead taking an alternative route to promoting their album, which will be a first for everyone in attendance.

Whilst it is not your typical mosh pit, it will be interesting to see how a drive-in concert will work, and how it will affect the general atmosphere of the concert.

There is still some hope that we will get to attend festivals and concerts later in the year, with Falls Music and Arts Festival recently saying they would happily go ahead with an all-Australian line-up.

Whilst Falls Festival has attracted some huge international names in its 25-year run, including Childish Gambino, Disclosure and The Wombats, it would be a huge win if they could go ahead this year with an all-Australian line-up.

Falls Festival, after having to cancel their Lorne site last year due to the bushfires in Victoria, are looking for a huge positive this year.

With big-name concerts and festivals such as Harry Styles, 5 Seconds of Summer and Splendour in The Grass still up in air, it will be interesting to see if these concerts and festivals can still go ahead at the end of the year.

Whilst we will not be attending any concerts or festivals for the foreseeable future, it is a blessing that we still have these online concerts to look back on and keep us excited for the concerts to come.

You can view One World: Together From Home here and Music from the Home Front here.

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