The rise of essential oils and low tox living: more than a fad?

The rise of essential oils and low tox living: more than a fad?

The essential oil business market continues to boom as people seek to reduce chemicals in their beauty products and homes. (Image source: Elle Australia)

By Lauren Wisgard | Lauren Wisgard

Essential oils have become a prominent part of the ever-evolving wellness discussion in mainstream media, and the low tox movement has grown as a result.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, market analysts have estimated that the global essential oil market value is currently worth 7.03 billion US dollars as the demand for holistic health products is continually on the rise.

Essential oils are highly potent plant extracts that are comparable to the blood in our own bodies, and like blood, they hold all the essential nutrients.

Young Living Australia say their oils can be used in a plethora of ways including regulate positive emotional states and improve physical wellbeing, as well as serve as a substitute for everyday cleaning and makeup products that may be filled with unhealthy chemicals.

Dara Hayes and Amy Evans are network marketers for Young Living Australia and the creators of the Your Essentials to Thrive online community.

Both became interested in the world of essential oils and low tox living due to their individual health issues, and slowly started changing the way they purchase and use products in their homes.

“I’ve had chronic fatigue…for about 10 years now. About five to six years ago I was in corporate [offices] and I was developing all these chemical sensitives,” Ms Evans said.

“I would go into work and all these people around me would have really strong perfumes and colognes on and I would get so trigged, get instant brain fog, fatigue and that kind of started the whole process.

“It started this whole process of chemical awareness and so I just started researching and I started removing stuff where I could.”

Ms Hayes said her essential oil journey began after suffering from gut problems and wanting to heal her inflammation through plant-based methods. 

“To try and counteract that I changed my diet to a plant-based diet and started looking more into veganism…after seeing the amazing changes that were happening in my body just from eating plants, drinking water and sleeping more I became so much more curious as to what else I could do.”

She said she never realised the large amount of chemicals that are in the everyday products we use, as it is not something you grow up learning about.

“It was something I never even thought of…our houses and all our makeup and beauty products are just laden with chemicals and it’s just normal,” Ms Hayes said.

Ms Evans said that the growth in popularity in this natural approach to wellness is in part due to the amount of information that is now available, and the younger generation’s new skepticism on the way consumer products are advertised.

“Our generation…is becoming so much more aware of advertising and maybe how things are being advertised in a way that isn’t actually reflective of the ingredients in the bottle.”

Internationally based Young Living member Georgie Scott also credits essential oils and low tox living to helping ease her gut issues and mental health problems.

“I decided to look for a natural alternative to medication… plant-based options stood out for me once learning about all their benefits and becoming more educated on the negative impact chemicals were having on me internally,” Ms Scott said.

“I never realised what I was putting into my body and what I was exposing myself to. It’s quite scary learning about the chemicals that companies are allowed to put in their products and get away with it.”

While essential oils are a great natural alternative for so many aspects of health and wellbeing, Ms Evans said it’s important to stress that they are not a cure for disease and illness.

“Essential oils are just a tool in our overall wellness toolkit… there is a necessary part for western medicine and we just find these essential oils play into our whole holistic wellbeing,” she said.

Ms Hayes echoed this point by saying that essentials oils are for “promoting feelings of relaxation and calm in the home, helping enhance a meditation, that kind of thing” and not to “cure mental health problems.”

“The beauty about Young Living and essential oils and just using natural products is that we have the opportunity to have access to these amazing products which are totally natural, have zero chemicals in them whatsoever and they are really beautiful and effective.”

You can find Dara Hayes and Amy Evans on Instagram @youressentialstothrive and Georgie Scott on Instagram @sundaze.essentials.

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