From one home to another: The top five second-hand and vintage shops in and around Adelaide.

From one home to another: The top five second-hand and vintage shops in and around Adelaide.

In recognition of ‘National Second-Hand Wardrobe’ day, we took a look at the best sustainable and affordable op-shops and vintage stores around Adelaide. (Image source: Ashleigh Buck)

By Ashleigh Buck | @ashkbuck

This Tuesday, August 25th marks National Second-Hand Wardrobe day. Shopping for clothes is never easy and usually ends up with your bank account looking quite sad.

If you are looking for a nice afternoon out with friends or family, have a go at thrift shopping and fall in love with funky pieces you won’t find anywhere else.

To help stop you burning a hole in your pockets, I went to a few of my favourite second-hand shops where I found some of the most versatile op shops and vintage stores. Below is a list of stores whereyou can purchase cute, unique and quality clothes for an affordable price that won’t break your budgets.

1) Styled Market

Styled Market #7 located at the Chateau Apollo in Adelaide CBD (Image source: Ashleigh Buck)

With the perfect location at the East End of Adelaide CBD, the Styled Market is a new vintage fashion market that contains over 25 stalls. Free entry for all ages led to a huge turnout, making it the perfect way to spend your Sunday afternoon. There was a vast range of clothing, shoes and accessories. Whilst the pricing does vary between stalls, I do recommend bringing along a decent amount of cash as most if not all items are authentic vintage clothing and worth a pretty penny. With an easy location and the beautiful, Roxie’s Luscious Garden Bar next door, there is something for everyone to indulge in.

2) Gilles Street Market

Gillies Street Market located at the Adelaide Show Grounds (Image Source: Gillies Street Market)

Located in the beautiful Adelaide Showgrounds off Goodwood Road,Gillies Street Market is one of the largest fashion and design markets. With over 120 stalls there is something for everyone. With charismatic energy, the large space allows for a family-friendly day out with live music and food stalls. Affordable and quirky, the Gillies Street Market has a vast array of clothing, accessories and more that will not break the bank. Whilst catering for a largely feminine-based crowd, don’t be disheartened as the markets do have some stalls that are more suited for men. Each stall promises authentic pieces, handmade items and a warm inviting culture to spend with family or friends.

3) Vinnies, Red Cross and SALVOS

Vinnies Op Shop location on Glen Osmond Rd (Image Source: weekendnotes)

Op-shops provide you with an easy way to support charities as they recover from COVID-19 by donating clothes to charity. Vinnies, Salvation Army and Red Cross are amongst the most well-known second-hand clothing shops. With the money going to a beautiful cause, the shops provide you with a wide selection of accessories, clothes, books and homeware. The Vinnies on Glen Osmond Road is respectively organised with colour-coordinated clothes, sectioned items and easy to navigate signage that works for all ages. Ranging from affordable to slightly higher (but not ridiculously expensive,) your money is well spent, and you won’t be disappointed with the range of stock available.

4) Aggies Op-Shop

Aggies Op Shop located on Unley Rd at St Augustine’s Church (Image source: Ashleigh Buck)

Aggies op-shop is a quaint store off Unley Road next to the stunning St Augustine’s Church. While it is much smaller than other op-shops this second-hand store does not disappoint. It has a large range of items, from shoes, clothes, books, glassware, accessories and children’s toys making it perfect for families. Whilst the clothing section didn’t have a large range of items compared to other stores, it has just enough that you are likely to find something that tickles your fancy. Aggies have a beautiful collection of hardbacks and original copies of vintage books such as various Charles Dickens collections. With the books still in their original state, the authenticity is impeccable. With adorable vintage cabinets and original vintage tea sets, there is plenty of range for anyone looking to stock up on a one of a kind piece.

5) Savers – Prospect

Savers in Prospect located on Churchill Rd (Image source: Ashleigh Buck)

Savers Prospect is a massive store where the first words to leave your mouth when you walk in the entrance is, “where do we even start?”.

With signage clearly depicting each area of the store, it makes finding what you are looking for easy and simple.

Savers has a wide range of books, glassware, Tupperware, plates and bowls, as well as the large collection of clothing; men’s, women’s and babies it caters for everyone.

Adding in a large shoe collection and the option to try on your items with change rooms provided you almost don’t realise you are in a second-hand shop.

With the additional 20% student discount available on Sunday for every purchase, I highly recommend this as an affordable way for full-time students to buy quality and comfortable clothing that won’t break their budgets.

If you’re looking for a cheap and sustainable way to comfortably splurge and not feel guilty, get around to the second-hand op-shops and vintage stores near you and find yourself a bargain, there is always something for everyone.

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