Forget The Beatles. Bertie Beetle is the biggest beetle to have a place in Australian hearts

Forget The Beatles. Bertie Beetle is the biggest beetle to have a place in Australian hearts

With the cancellation of the Royal Adelaide Show due to COVID-19, one showbag company is making sure people can still have their Bertie Beetle experience this year. (Image Source: The Watsonia Bugle)

By Alexandra Bull | @ally_bull19

When most people think of the Royal Adelaide Show, of the first things that comes to the mind is the infamous Bertie Beetle showbag.

Bertie Beetle chocolates were first formulated to utilising the unused shards of honeycomb from the production of the Violet Crumble in the early 1960s.

Invented in 1963, by the company Hoadley’s Chocolates, Bertie Beetle first appeared as part of the Hoadley’s Chocolate Showbag in 1963 alongside Violet Crumble and Polly Waffle, when back in the day the selection of showbags was as small as Bertie Beetle himself.

The Bertie Beetle became so popular, that in 1972 the official Bertie Beetle Showbag was born.

But what makes the little honeycomb and chocolate beetle so special and iconic to so many Australians?

“South Australians just go crazy with Bertie Beetle mania whenever the Adelaide Show rolls around each year, and I think nostalgia plays a big part in that,” says Emily Williams, from Showbag Shop, one of Australia’s biggest showbag providers.

“Bertie Beetle has been a part of Australian history since he first appeared over half a century ago and has become such an integral part of the experience of the Royal Adelaide Show. I think Bertie is possibly most loved in this state!”

The nostalgia associated with Bertie Beetle is what continues to make it so popular, as it is part of many people’s Royal Adelaide Show experience each year. 

“Grandparents used to get the Bertie Beetle showbag and passed that tradition on to their children who have now grown up and want to pass on the same tradition to their kids. There is something very simple, humble and constant about Bertie that is so nice. He passes the test of time.”

While the Royal Show will not be going ahead this year due to COVID-19, for only the fourth time in its strong 181-year history, lovers of the chocolate showbag can now get their fix online at the Showbag Shop.

 “Due to the unfortunate cancellation of Royal Shows across Australia, Showbag Shop are pleased we could make the full range of showbags normally available at the Royal Adelaide Show available online due to demand from customers,” says Mrs Williams. 

Showbags are quintessentially Australian and are many people’s favourite part about attending the Royal Adelaide show.

“I know many people will be disappointed to not attend the Royal Adelaide show this year, but they will be happy to know that they can get their Bertie Beetle showbag online and delivered directly to their door, along with many other of their showbag favourites,” Mrs Williams said.

On the Showbag Shop online website, there are now eight different Bertie Beetle showbags, including the massive haul of 350 Bertie Beetles for the chocolate lovers of the world.

There is also the Bertie Beetle platinum and diamond showbags on offer, too, for those who are just wanting their staple fix. And for those who are feeling a bit nostalgic this year, there are now limited editing Bertie Beetle retro tins and camping mugs to add to your collection.

“You could say that the Bertie Beetle showbag overcame all of the odds to become Australia’s favourite showbag with more than seven million Bertie Beetle chocolates now being consumed each year,” Mrs Williams added.

To make the slightly unusual Royal Adelaide Show experience this year just a little bit more exciting, Showbag Shop have launched a Bertie Beetle Budding Artist competition.

Open to both children and adults, people who enter will have the chance to win a number of awesome prizes, including a whopping 1,000 Bertie Beetles!

For all entries, upload a picture of your creation to Facebook or Instagram, telling Showbag Shop something about yourself in the caption and tag @bertiesbeetleshowbags and use the hashtag #bertiebeetlebuddingartist.

Entries will open on the August 31 and close at midnight on September 30 2020, with the winner announced in early October.

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