VIDEO: Adelaide artist’s unique and inclusive tinsel talent

VIDEO: Adelaide artist’s unique and inclusive tinsel talent

A local artist has developed a unique brand based on accessibility and inclusivity. Her Signature work? Jackets that glitter. (Image source: Helen Karakulak)

By Helen Karakulak |@helen_karakulak

Talent: Tash Evele | Duration: 1 min 32 seconds | Reporter/Videographer: Helen Karakulak



Tash Evele is the creator of Calamity Tash.

Twelve years in Adelaide’s arts community has given her a passion for making all her art accessible, particularly her extravagant tinsel jackets.


I think everybody has the right to sparkle and shine and everybody should have access to something as fabulous as this.

I basically changed the design from a standard jacket to more of a cape, that meant that they were really genderfluid, they were size inclusive, they were age inclusive.

Accessibility and inclusivity to me are my core morals behind everything that I do, so as a person and as a businesswoman those are things at the forefront of all my choices.


In addition to her independent online store, the tangerine fox Westfield location houses the Calamity Tash brand, along with other local, interstate and international artists.


I’m a huge believer of community over competition, that’s one of the most important things especially in small business, especially in somewhere like Adelaide where it’s so easy to step on people’s toes.

I think having that unique but supportive community to lift you up and support you is so integral.

You see these little grandmas come in, and you think maybe they’re shopping for their niece or something but no, they want a tinsel jacket, and they want to wear it to bingo, it’s so amazing.

More often than not people are so surprised at how freeing it feels to wear something a little bit out of the norm, a little bit different, and something this shiny, it’s almost impossible not to feel shiny and not to feel amazing and not to feel happy in it

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