Adelaide’s memory capture service allowing story preservation for loved ones

South Australian small business, Strategy Road, have introduced a memory capture service for people who want to reflect on their experiences to share with loved ones. (Image Source: The Road Travelled)

By Rakad Alghizzi | @PhotoPlusStory

A consulting group, the Strategy Road Swarm, introduces The Road Travelled service which records stories and experiences of their clients for safekeeping.

The Road Travelled is a small start-up business that aims to record stories from the Baby Boomer Generation, particularly those who have lived through wars and major technology changes.

Founder and Managing Director of Strategy Road, Troy Forrest, said while he has seen family members write their own memoirs or biographies in the past, their service has the time and skills to do so effectively.

“They’re not all going to sit down and write their memoirs so why don’t we help them capture their stories with their own voices,” Troy said.

The idea of this service is to safely store memories that start to fade to give people the option of sharing these stories with their children, grandchildren or friends before or after they are gone.

Not only does The Road Travelled help share one’s life experiences it can also give back memories to those who have lost loved ones and had their story shared with them.

“In talking to a number of people who have lost loved ones, parents or siblings or friends, they say one of the things they’ve missed the most is the sound of that person’s voice or their laugh.”

The Road Travelled have engaged experienced and highly qualified psychologists to help develop guidelines for interviewers and clients around sensitive memories.

“[It’s helpful] to say ‘look, when you go through this process, hopefully it’s an incredibly rewarding process, but be mindful if it’s going to bring some painful moments to the surface, here’s how you should approach that, here’s how you should navigate that if you have particular issues,’” Troy said.

“But just to be really thoughtful and mindful because I think it’s very easy asking people about their life stories but there are consequences for getting people to open up about things and tell, sometimes, a complete stranger, things that they may not have told their family.”

Troy reveals fascinating cultural nuances after speaking to several people from different backgrounds, emphasising one must be very clear and thoughtful when interviewing someone from a different country.

To avoid a language barrier, Strategy Road uses a self-directed mechanism which allows one to record their stories in their own language. However, this option goes without the conversational element of an interview.

While the process interests him, Troy enjoys being informed by the insight of The Road Travelled’s unique clients.

“There is a really rewarding aspect to doing this job as well and that’s learning from people who’ve lived seventy, eighty, ninety years and who’s lifetime of wisdom you struggle to get from a university course” “So it’s really enjoyable, it’s very early days and I think we just want to get lots of people trying it and catching the stories for the future.”

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