VIDEO: Adelaide makeup artist values passion over profit

VIDEO: Adelaide makeup artist values passion over profit

Adelaide makeup artist, Izzy Carapetis, shares what drew her to the industry and how she sets herself apart from competitors. (Image source: Bec Gaitaneris)

By Bec Gaitaneris  | @bec_gaitaneris

Talent: Izzy Carapetis & Jane Thompson | Duration: 1 min 31 seconds | Reporter/Videographer: Bec Gaitaneris



I was never interested in makeup all through school and would never wear any of it.

I plucked my eyebrows way too far apart. It was just a whole mess. I really found interest in it through other people and how they did it.

I was always the sort of person who’d get my makeup done whenever we’d go anywhere because I had no idea what to do.

So, it progressed that way to a point where my friends were sick of me and said you need to learn something. The artisitcness of it went from there and I became more interested in it.

I think the selling point for my business is that I’m completely cruelty-free, so all of the makeup I use is owned by brands that don’t test on animals and I think that’s a lot of the attraction with my makeup.

I also keep my prices really affordable, purely because I do makeup because I enjoy it, not because I earn a profit from it.

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