Review: Amy Hetherington’s Don’t Feed the Ducks

Review: Amy Hetherington’s Don’t Feed the Ducks

Amy Hetherington explores all things 90s, having children and why she likes dogs better than people in Don’t Feed the Ducks at the Adelaide Fringe this year. (Image source: Adelaide Fringe)

By Meika Bottrill | @meikabottrill

In a delightful and energetic performance, Amy Hetherington mixes ’90s nostalgia, ‘contractually obliged’ musical numbers and her fear of starting a family in her show Don’t Feed the Ducks. However, be warned, if you thought this show was actually about ducks… you’re in for a bit of a shock.  

Hetherington and her husband are planning to start their family and boy have they realised this is an entirely new and scary venture for them. As she weaves the theme of new parenthood throughout her stand-up comedy act, the audience lights up as she reflects on Aussie culture, her particularly interesting upbringing and tourism tips for the Northern Territory. As Hetherington so cleverly puts it, “when you’re not laughing, you’re learning…”

If you’re worried about sitting in the front row don’t be, she engages the crowd in the intimate venue of the Rhino Room with optimism, leaving you feeling like you’ve made a new friend. Hetherington encapsulates charm while sustaining high energy during the entire show through her expressive body language and hilarious musical cues. The audience is left with a desire to travel to the Northern Territory to meet more people like her.

Hetherington’s unique stand-up performance is paired with tasteful music and lights distinctively elevating the show into more than your average comedy set.

Hetherington promises 60 minutes of light-hearted comedy, awkwardness and oversharing. She makes you laugh and reminisce on how each of our parents made us into the crazy and weird people we all are today. On opening night, she oozed excitement and will make you relish in the privilege it is to enjoy the Fringe Festival and live comedy during a global pandemic.

Amy Hetherington’s Don’t Feed The Ducks is playing at the Rhino Room until March 6 2021.

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