The best Easter Eggs of 2021

The best Easter Eggs of 2021

This Easter long weekend, reporter Ally Bull set out to find On The Record’s top Easter egg picks, here is what she discovered. (Image Source: Psydro)

By Alexandra Bull | @ally_bull19

With the Easter long weekend comes many things: camping trips, family lunches, church services and a four-day work week, but with Easter, comes the iconic Easter egg.

Whether you like the Cadbury classic milk chocolate mini eggs, prefer something sweeter in a white chocolate bunny or perhaps you like to delight in a Haigh’s milk chocolate Bilby; there is something for everyone who enjoys an Easter egg or two.

A recent survey asking people what their favourite Easter eggs are (conducted by myself and Instagram) showed some very interesting results in what everybody tends to grab off the shelves at this time of year.

I have decided to break them down into categories: quality, accessibility, range, ethically sourced and the overall winner.

Here is what the survey revealed:

Haigh’s milk chocolate Easter eggs: Quality and ethically sourced winner

Proudly South Australia and Australia’s oldest chocolate company, Haigh’s milk chocolate Easter eggs have taken out the quality and ethically sourced category.

Winning 14 votes out of a possible 33, Haigh’s, the iconic South Australian brand is proudly made right here in South Australia, using specialised chocolate making techniques to create the premium quality chocolate we know and love.

Being a premium chocolate brand, it is no wonder that this iconic South Australian brand took out the quality category.

Haigh’s use ethically sourced quality cocoa beans from cocoa growing regions around the world, and there is no palm oil in any of their products, meaning they have also taken the crown for the ethically sourced category too.

Sweet Williams Easter eggs: Accessibility winner

Another Australian brand, Sweet Williams takes out the accessibility category for their range of chocolate. The palm oil used in their chocolate comes from sustainable palm plantations where no Orangutans have ever lived.

Founded in the 1920s, the company prides themselves in being accessible for those who have food intolerances and allergies alike.

Sweet Williams chocolates have an excellent range that caters to people who are free from dairy, lactose, gluten, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts, allowing people who are free of these products to be able to enjoy chocolate at Easter too!

Cadbury Easter Eggs: Overall winner and range winner

There is no denying that Cadbury have one of the largest ranges of Easter eggs out there, this year even addingCaramilk eggs to their mix, but there is something for everyone when it comes Cadbury eggs.

Receiving 17 votes out of a possible 33, Cadbury was the overall winner of the On the Record mini Easter egg survey, which is why Cadbury wins out in the range category also.

With multitudes of eggs to choose from, it is no wonder why it appeared to be the people’s choice this year.

Some of the favourites that many people mentioned include: Cadbury crème eggs, Cadbury crunchie eggs, Cadbury mini eggs and Cadbury hunting eggs.

However, it does not stop there. With numerous bunnies in every shape and size, giant Easter eggs and quite a few flavoured ones (caramel and Turkish delight were just some that got a mention), Cadbury is the well deserving winner of the range category.

So, there you have it, the three best Easter eggs as voted by you. Here’s hoping you get more than a few of these chocolates in your baskets today!

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