Review: This is Port Adelaide

Review: This is Port Adelaide

This is Port Adelaide gives AFL fans a true insight into one of the oldest football clubs in Australia. (Image Source: The Advertiser)

By Alexandra Bull | @ally_bull19

This is Port Adelaide, directed by Adelaide’s Nicole Miller, encompasses everything Port Adelaide represents: family, football, and the tribe mentality instilled in all its supporters.

The documentary was intended to be released last year, to celebrate the club’s 150th anniversary in 2020, but was disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The warm, nostalgic feel of the documentary gives both Port Adelaide fans and AFL fans alike an insight into one of Australia’s most successful sporting clubs, from their humble beginnings in 1870 right up until their 2020 preliminary final loss.

Family is the central theme conveyed throughout the documentary, with numerous supporters involved in the film describing how Port Adelaide is more than just a football club to them.

Accounts from supporters emphasise how the club is home, that it is more than just a game, allowing viewers to see just how important sport can be to so many people’s lives.

The documentary is shot in black and white, perhaps in homage to the original Port Adelaide black and white prison bar guernsey, which is still worn by their SANFL team today and has caused quite a bit of controversy over the years.

Interviews from past and present players, along with lifelong fans and notable figures, offer a look inside the club whose home games at Adelaide Oval are ‘like going to church,’ according to chairman David Koch, who was a pivotal figure in the documentary.

With the help of diehard supporters, who graciously opened their homes to the documentary team, showing just how much the club means to them, viewers are enlightened to just how much the club means to its supporters.

Many of the fans included in the documentary have been supporters of the Magpies and the Power for their entire lives.

The documentary gives insight into the voices of fans from all walks of life, who gave director Nicole Miller a piece of their heart to share with the AFL world.

Archive footage paired with music from Australian composer Benjamin Speed helps make viewers sympathetic to the Port Adelaide cause, almost wishing they won the premiership last year to create a fairy-tale finish for their 150th year.

This is Port Adelaide is a must see for all Port Adelaide fans, and AFL fans alike, allowing an inside view into of one of Australia’s most successful sporting clubs from the last 150 years.

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